Letters and Number Cake Pan

Alphabet/Number Cake Pan

It’s not that difficult to carve a cake if you have a couple of sharp knives around to help you trim off the corners of a rectangular cake and curve it into the shape you want. The scraps make a nice snack for the decorator, but all things considered, carving tends to waste quite a bit of cake. The solution to the problem is to buy a shaped pan that is already molded in the design you want. If that’s too limiting (and it often is) and you like to custom bake cakes frequently, you might want to check out the Letters and Number Cake Pan.

This pan is set up with movable 2″ square blocks that allow you to change the shape of the interior of your cake pan and make any letter or number (as well as some more abstract geometric designs) you could want. The blocks side into small grooves, so they stay in place and won’t slide around once the batter has been poured in, and they’re made of the same material as the rest of the pan for even baking. The pan comes with instructions about different sizes and shapes to help you get the perfect cake in any design you want.


  1. What a cool cake pan!

  2. It’s good idea. If i can’t find such a pan in the shops, i will made one :).

  3. This is a really great idea. Perfect for people who make lots of family birthday cakes.

  4. what a perfectly ingenious idea!!

  5. Help, I have lost my directions for making the numbers and letters that can with my pan. Can anyone help me? Thanks

  6. I have this cake pan, and I love it, but I have misplaced the instructions! Is there somewhere that I could find them online?

  7. Trying to order , help please!

  8. Here’s the link for the letter and number pan instructions… http://www.fantes.com/educated-cake.html

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