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Guittard Super Cookie Chips, reviewed

Posted By Nicole On January 18, 2009 @ 9:07 am In New Products,Product Reviews,Sweet Stuff | 3 Comments

Guittard Super Cookie Chocolate Chips

It’s not that easy to find giant chocolate chips, and while there is some variation in size from brand to brand, most chocolate chips come in a fairly standard size and shape. Guittard’s Super Cookie Chips (scroll down to the bottom of the page for the listing) fit the bill nicely if you’re looking to go large. These chocolate chips don’t quite turn your cookies into the pastry version of a superhero, but they are a super-sized take on a chocolate chip that provides a tasty twist to an otherwise familiar recipe.  Each of the semisweet chips is large and flat, like three or four regular chocolate chips smushed into one. Since they are so much larger than regular chocolate chips, more chocolate gets into each bite of cookie, as the chocolate is spread throughout the dough in a way that smaller chips just can’t quite achieve.

If you like to much on chocolate chips by the handful while you’re baking, these are a really good choice. The chocolate chips are almost like wafers (very thick, chocolaty wafers) and they start to melt on your tongue almost immediately. The only drawback to these chips is that they don’t work particularly well for small cookies. The discs are just too big if you really like your cookies to be bite-sized. Fortunately, you can give them a quick chop with a knife if you really need something small, but otherwise you may as well take advantage of the super sized chips and bake some super sized cookies to match them.

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