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Sweet Apricot Kernels, reviewed

Posted By Nicole On December 18, 2008 @ 1:51 pm In New Products,Product Reviews,Savory Stuff | 30 Comments

Sweet Apricot Kernels

Trader Joe’s recently started stocking Sweet Apricot Kernels – a.k.a. poor man’s “almonds” or “bitter almonds” – in their nut aisle. This came as quite a surprise to me because my first though after seeing them was “aren’t apricot kernels poisionous?” The answer is yes. The kernels contain amygdalin, which contains cyanide. A study conducted by the State Department of Agriculture and Markets of New York in 1993 found that an 8-oz package of these kernels contains twice the lethal dosage of cyanide needed to kill an adult, but the USDA hasn’t had – or hadn’t at that time – had any reports of deal associated with the product so you can still find it in some stores and in many culinary uses. Usually called “bitter almonds” in recipes, the kernels can be used used in jam, marzipan and amaretto liqueur.

They have a distinctly fruity flavor and remind me strongly of an apricot hard cider I had once. Nutty and slightly bitter, with an undercurrent of dried apricot. Despite their appearance, they don’t taste like almonds and are much softer in texture, although they are still crunchy. They grow on you after eating one or two, but they’re a bit of an acquired taste and aren’t going to replace any other nuts in my kitchen. As a matter of fact, although they have a unique flavor that might suit some recipes, I probably won’t be using these. The worry about overusing them and experiencing nausea, fever, headaches, weakness, lethargy, or any of the other symptoms of cyanide poisoning, makes me a little too nervous to add these to the rotation.

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