Snowflake Cake and Mini Cake Pans

Snowflake Cake and Mini Cake Pans

The Igloo Cake pan is probably my favorite new piece of bakeware this season, but Wilton’s Snowflake Cake Pan and Mini Snowflake Cake Pans come in a very close second. The pans have a great amount of detail in them, blowing up a tiny winter symbol to avery visible – not to mention delicious – size. The large pan bakes a deep, single snowflake, while the mini pan bakes four unique snowflakes.

The pans are made of cast aluminum and are fairly heavy. They have nonstick interior surfaces, which will help transfer all of their detail to the baked cake, but lightly greasing with vegetable oil will be a big help in getting the snowflakes to slide out easily just because of all the nooks and crannies. Since snowflakes aren’t attached to a particular holiday, these can be used all season long.

If you’re so inclined, you can also use these to mold other snowflake shaped things, from giant rice krispy treats (fun for the kids) or a giant ice snowflake (with a big pan of hot water to defrost the edges when you want to pop the ice sculpture out.


  1. I just used my mini-snowflake pan yesterday to bake petite cakes for my party tonight! I used the top-rated almond bundt cake recipe at…It’s terrific.

    One question though: any idea how to convert amount and baking times for a cake pan like this? I ended up doing a test cake (which was good, but got really dark on the edges before being finished in the middle) to test amounts and times. I ended up with 6 full-size and 1 half-size snowflakes from the recipe, which called for a 10-cup bundt pan.

  2. I’ve seen these pans around and love them! I’m glad I found your site, I know I’ll enjoy looking through all of your posts! (I just saw a dark chocolate peppermint pretzel thing you made? looks lovely!)

  3. ah scratch that, don’t know why I put dark chocolate peppermint pretzels. haha, I was looking at the bark you made and it reminded me of a bark I make with peppermint and pretzels. Anyway, love the bark!

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