What did you have for Thanksgiving?

Turkey Dinner

I know that the morning after Thanksgiving, the last thing I am interested in doing is settling down to work. I’m still thinking about – not to mention digesting – a huge dinner. I made up a meal based on the recipes I’ve posted in the past few weeks, including turkey, stuffing – not dressing – and mashed potatoes. The truth is that I’ve actually had several Thanksgiving dinners in preparation for last night, partially to test out some new recipes for Baking Bites and partially to compare some favorites to see which were worthy of dinner. Pecan pie and cherry cobbler made the cut for dessert, along with lots of coffee and water to wash everything down.

What dishes made it to your table? Did you try any new recipes, from this site or other favorite food blogs, that were real hits? Post it in the comments. I know I’m going to start looking for ideas for Christmas and might even make some bookmarks for next year.

Turkey Dinner aftermath


  1. I made your mocha chocolate chip cheesecake. I think it went over well. I got a small slice and when I tried to go back for more, it was all gone.

  2. i made your apple crumble pie. i think i had made it once before… it was so good. we had the last bit for breakfast

  3. To answer your question in your post topic, I had Turkey, and lots of it :D

  4. We had a very non traditional Thanksgiving this year (we went on a small vacation) so we opted for Pizza and Mojitos…yum. But I think I’ll be making a turkey this weekend, I’m really craving one now.

  5. I made your blackberry/cranberry sauce along with other traditional fare (turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes etc.). It turned out great, but I have a lot of leftovers (I used 16 oz of berries instead of 12 oz). I think I’m going to use it in a few batches of your strawberry pecan shortbread bars in lieu of the strawberry. I may also use it to make a baked brie in puff pastry that I will be serving at a party this weekend. Thank you for all your fabulous recipes!

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