Chocolate Covered Witch Hats

Chocolate Covered Witch Hats

Just because you don’t want to do any baking, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still make some easy and fun Halloween treats. I got the idea for these chocolate-covered witch hats when we had an unexpected mini-heat wave and I found myself reaching for ice cream rather than for a piece of cake as an afternoon treat. The hats are easy to make and start out with a simple sugar cone and some chocolate.

To make these, put a piece of wax or parchment paper down on a small plate or cutting board. Melt some chocolate – dark, milk or semisweet – in a small bowl, using about 2-ounces per cone. It is easier to spread the chocolate onto the cones with a butter knife or an offset spatula because the shape of the cones would require a deep bowl for dipping and you would probably end up wasting a lot of chocolate. Spread the melted chocolate generously onto the cone and set it open-side-down on your wax paper. Spoon some chocolate around the rim of the cone to make a hat brim, then chill the cones in the refrigerator until the chocolate is hard.

When the hats have set, you can either fill them with ice cream and serve immediately, or fill them with ice cream and put them back in the freezer to firm up again before serving. They need to be served hat-side-up, so be sure to get plenty of ice cream down inside the cone to hold everything together when they’re picked up to be eaten!

If it’s too cold in your area to warrant ice cream at this time of year, use these cones to top off some Halloween cupcakes or to decorate a full-sized sheet cake.

Chocolate Covered Witch Hats, in progress


  1. What fun! I could make Conehead sundaes like I used to eat at Friendly’s when I was a kid, but they could be seasonally appropriate — maybe with pistachio or mint ice cream!

  2. So totally adorable! Reminds me of the Friendly’s ice cream sundae they feed the kiddies after the chicken nuggets.

  3. too cold for ice cream = does not compute. just go inside!

  4. Too cute. And delicious looking!

  5. Adorable! I may bring these to our Halloween pot-luck!

  6. These are absolutely adorable – what a great idea for something to bring to a Halloween party.

  7. This is an adorable idea for Halloween, and I was so excited to have these ready for my kids when they get home from school.

    I think I did something wrong. I melted some milk chocolate chips but it didn’t spread as easily as I thought. The chocolate was somewhat thick and brittle right after melting. When I tried to spread it on the cone, chunks of chocolate fell off, so much so, that I was able to mold it onto the cone like playdough.

    Is there something I should add to the chocolate to make it smoother, like half and half or something?

    Thanks for your help. These are so cute! I want them to work!

  8. Trish – You can add in either 1-2 tbsp butter or cream (depending on how much chocolate you’re using) to make the chocolate more spreadable, if yours isn’t melting easily. This will give it a slightly softer texture when it sets, but it should help you out!

  9. Trish – great way to melt chocolate is to microwave at 50% power. Length of time depends on the amount of chocolate you’re melting. When I melt 2 cups of chocolate for my Scotcheroos, I cook at 50% power for 4 minutes, and then mix w/ a mixer (easier and faster than mixing by hand)

    Not sure how long the choc will stay firm after you take it out of the fridge, I’d think this is a spoon treat, not a hand held treat, else the chocolate would melt in your hands :)

  10. Thanks for a great idea for Halloween

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