Romeo and Julienne Cutting Board

Romeo and Julienne Cutting Board

When I was little, I was once given a kids “spy kit” that included things like a magnifying glass, a badge and something that looked like a book, but was really a treasure box. The box was the best part of the kit; it really looked like a book and when it was on a shelf, you’d never even know it was there. I like to think that the same idea is behind the very sweet Romeo and Julienne Cutting Board. The cutting board is made from solid beechwood and is cut into the size and shape of a book. It has notches around the binding, a title and author/designer printed down the side, and it measures about 6×9.5-inches. The title is obviously a cute foodie play off of “Romeo and Juliette.”Perhaps, if the cutting board were actually a book, it would be about to star-crossed vegetables – things that don’t really seem to go together at first – coming together at last in a sweet dish or a savory one. I’m imagining potato chip cookies for the sweet and a spaghetti frittata for the savory.


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