A record setting birthday cake

Lots of candles!

At your last birthday, someone made a joke about the number of candles on the cake being a fire hazard. It doesn’t matter if there are two candles or eighty two – there’s just one at every party, isn’t there? But every once in a while, even the most hackneyed joke comes close to being true. A new Guinness World Record was just set for the greatest number of lit candles ever to top a birthday cake. A man in Queens topped a birthday cake measuring 52 by 17 feet with an astounding 48,523 candles! It required a team working quickly to get them all lit simultaneously (a requirement for the record) and, after they were all lit, the candles were quickly extinguished by the same team. Good thing they were conducting the event outdoors, eight? Even so, I’m guessing that quite a bit of wax ended up on each and every slice!

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