Sushi Wedding Cake

Sushi Wedding Cake

There are some very unusual wedding cake designs that are out there. No matter how crazy the design, wedding cakes all tend to have one thing in common: they’re dessert. I managed to stumble across one cake that broke the mold in a variety of ways. It’s cake-shaped, but it’s not a dessert and there is definitely no frosting involved. This is a sushi wedding cake. It’s not going to overshadow a good vanilla cake for me, but I love the colorful look of this “cake.”

The bulk of the cake is made up of sushi rice, as it is sturdy enough to form stable rounds. Regular cake pans served as molds. The huge quantities of salmon, yellowtail and ahi that adorn the cake are not simply dropped on top, but placed in the bottom of each cake pan, and the rice is packed in to hold them in place. Fortunately, this cake’s creator included a recipe for the cake along with the photos of the finished product that will guide you through the process of putting this masterpiece together if you want to attempt it for your next party or wedding (of course).


  1. Not sure how you eat it, but it looks great!

  2. Great find! We mentioned your blog on our’s today! yummy!

  3. This is my cake–glad you guys like it! It’s actually quite easy to serve and eat–lift off one tier at a time, slice, and serve. We used a triangular cake server with one serrated edge to slice, and then just put a wedge of “cake” on each plate and serve with a fork.

  4. Trying to decide which friend I can convince to do this at their wedding.

  5. You know, even as a non-meat eating sushi lover…that is drool-worthy. What a fantastic idea!

    Side to Nic: I’m getting lots of requests for a new BBM round, but I don’t do anything without your approval!! Hope to hear from you soon (sent an email last week, but I know how crazy/busy you get…)

  6. WOW! I bet this cake tastes even better than it looks

  7. What a cool idea. I have a friend getting married soon that will love this.

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