Summer BBQ USB Drives

Summer BBQ USB Drives

It’s always handy to have an external memory source on hand when you do a lot of work on the computer, and there is no reason that that memory source needs to be dull or plain. I’ve mentioned Freshly Baked USBs before, which are portable USB memory sticks that are shaped like tiny baked goods. Even better than that batch – especially with the summer travel season in full swing – are some more seasonal USBs with a bit of a BBQ theme. I found bbq chicken drumsticks, red strawberries and juicy watermelon. There is a case for the hamburger USB drives to be included with the summer cookout theme, as well, but it doesn’t come as close to the look of summer as the others. They look impressively realistic, aside from the metal bits sticking out and their small, portable size, of course.


  1. ha ha – I have never seen anything like this in my life!! I am not sure that the senior management team would approve if I pulled a drumstick out of my pocket during a meeting!!! ;-)

  2. These are hilarious! They make my thumb drives look so boring.

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