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How to pour honey and other sticky things

Posted By Nicole On August 19, 2008 @ 1:49 pm In How-To's and Tips,Ingredients,Sweet Stuff | 5 Comments

Pouring honey

Honey, molasses, maple syrup, agave syrup and other similarly thick, sticky and sweet liquids can be great to bake with. They all add moisture and lots of subtle flavors to a baked good, moreso than you can get with sugar alone. Unfortunately, they’re not all that easy to work with because it’s hard to measure them – or more accurately, it’s hard to get the amount you just measured into your mixing bowl. More often than not, a good amount of the honey sticks to the sides of the measuring cup and refuses to come out no matter how long you try to coax it out.

My solution to this problem is to use a bit of cooking spray to coat the inside of my measuring cup (for both liquid and dry measuring cups) before I pour in the honey/molasses/etc. The oil keeps the liquids from sticking and helps them pour out quickly. If you have a recipe that calls for oil or melted butter, it helps to pour the honey into the same measure after you add the oil/butter to your batter. When the recipe calls for only a small amount of honey, I just don’t bother to measure it. A tablespoon or two – especially in a bread dough where I can always add some extra flour – goes straight from my honey jar to my mixing bowl.

While this works great for me, you should also keep in mind that there are plunger-style adjustable measuring cups that actually force sticky/wet ingredients right out. If you’re looking to expand your kitchen tool collection, these can be a good way to go, too.

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