Dove Desserts Bananas Foster, reviewed

Dove Desserts Bananas Foster

Dove Promises are one of Dove‘s signature chocolates. The two-bite squares are usually plain, solid chocolate with cute little messages printed on the inside of the wrapper. Lately, Dove has been experimenting with new combinations and adding some fillings to these little chocolates. Dove Desserts are the newest additions to their line. The chocolates are the bite-size Promises, filled with complexly flavored filings modeled after popular desserts. There is a lot of potential for new flavor combinations in the future, but the first two in the line are Milk Chocolate Bananas Foster and Dark Chocolate Tiramisu.

I tried the Bananas Foster, knowing that I already like Dove’s creamy milk chocolate, which is the thick outer shell for this candy. The filling is basically a caramel, with notes of brown sugar and a strong banana flavor. When the chocolate was warm (at room temperature) the filling was a little on the soft side. When the chocolate was chilled (an unfortunate, but necessary, action I had to take to prevent a meltdown of my chocolates on a hot day), the filling firmed up somewhat, but remained nice and soft. Real bananas foster consists of caramelized bananas in a syrup of brown sugar, butter and rum. This mini dessert didn’t quite capture the butteriness of the real thing – or the fact that the dessert is usually set on fire for a dramatic presentation – but the banana caramel was actually really nice, matched well with the milk chocolate and was a nice twist for some of my favorite flavors.


  1. holy good gracious… now i have to run out and find these. my love for the banana/chocolate combination is insatiable.

  2. I just have to say that after I read this yesterday, I couldn’t get these out of my head. At the store on the way home from work, I picked some up, and they are quite tasty!!

  3. I’m not a big banana fan, but this sounds like it might be worth a try.

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