Nonstick Oven Spill Catcher

Nonstick Oven Spill CatcherMy oven has heating elements in both the top and the bottom, so traditional oven liners – many of which are designed to sit on the bottom of an oven – don’t work for me. Oven liners are designed to catch accidental overflow from things like pies, casseroles and other bubbly/gooey dishes. This is a Nonstick Oven Spill Catcher and it does the same job with a very different design. The catcher is shaped like a very large donut and has raised sides at the outside and inside edges, almost like a very strangely shaped tart pan. The idea behind the design is that not only does the catcher sit under a baked good, but that it won’t interfere with the cooking process by adding another variable to cooking. In other words, the catcher won’t accidentally contribute to overcooking nor will it be allowed to insulate the bottom of the pan. It’s nonstick just for ease of cleanup and, at 12-inches in diameter, can hold most round and square baking dishes.

You can always use a piece of foil underneath your baking dish to catch spills if you prefer. The catcher does offer two advantages. First, it’s reusable and there is nothing to throw away each time. Second, it is much more stable than a sheet of foil so there is never any worry about hot liquid running off of the foil and onto your arm when you pull it out of the oven.


  1. I’ve had one of those for a few years now, and it’s saved me so much oven-cleaning time! I’m down-sizing my kitchen, but definitely keeping that.

    Uh, and the pie pans, too. :-)

  2. I remember my mother had one of those when we were growing up…not nonstick of course at the time. I didn’t remember what it was, she was a notoriously bad pie baker, so I am sure I did not see it out often.

  3. I, on the other hand have never seen anything like this so I’m thrilled to see yet another kitchen gadget to lust for.

  4. Nice and clean message,Thanks. I’m sure you are right.

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