Hotel Chocolate Engraved Easter Egg, reviewed

Hotel Chocolate Easter Egg

Hotel Chocolat’s Engraved Easter Egg is, hands down, the most beautiful chocolate Easter egg I’ve ever had. This particular egg is made of 72% dark chocolate and, while it is hollow, the shell is generously thick. It stands about 6 inches high and ships on its own little display stand. Truth be told, I was tempted just to leave it sitting around so that I could look at it longer, rather than just cutting into it for a taste. The design on the egg is actually a series of cocoa pods, a kind of tribute to the chocolate. It’s incredibly artistic and a nice change from the usual chocolate chicks and bunnies that crop up around Easter.

Getting past the visuals, the chocolate is excellent. It has the satisfying bitterness that you want a good dark chocolate to have, but also a round and slightly fruity sweetness. The chocolate melts well into your mouth and definitely left me wanting a second piece.

Hotel Chocolat has several other types of Easter eggs on offer, as well. They have a 40% cacao milk chocolate egg in the same shape as this dark egg, and a couple of filled eggs, which open to reveal a selection of other dark and milk chocolate goodies. The only drawback with the filled eggs is that you don’t get the beautiful design on the outside – which isn’t saying much, since the assorted chocolates inside of those eggs are probably the best part.


  1. That is gorgeous! Too bad I missed their shipping cutoff :(

  2. So when do we eat it?

  3. This Egg certainly is a treat to watch. A Complete masterpiece that has been sculpted to perfection. I just could not have enough of this one and have ordered three more that come in Milk and White Chocolate varieties. Hope to keep them till Easter but cannot ensure that I will be able to resist the temptation.

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