Happy Pi(e) Day!

apple pieI know it makes me a bit of a geek – ok, this and probably many other things – but on this day every year I cannot resist celebrating Pi Day. It’s “pi day” because today, March 14th, is written as 3/14 – the same as the number pi (3.14). Naturally, I choose to celebrate “pi” with its food equivalent: pie.

Today is a great opportunity to bake your own pie in celebration, too, even if you’ve never before baked a pie.

Start with the crust, either a graham cracker, whole wheat or double crust, depending on what type of pie you want to make. Graham cracker crusts are undoubtedly the easiest and can work with any single-crust pie recipe, whether it is a no-bake ice cream pie (essentially ice cream in a pie shell) or a baked fruit pie. I use them just as often as I use traditional pie crusts, although I will say that I love working with pie dough and the feeling of working butter into flour with my fingers wins me over every time I do it. Some of my favorites pie recipes are classics:

Just to name a handful of the many other pies out there, here are a couple other suggestions from some other baking bloggers:


  1. Mmm that looks great!

  2. Thanks for pointing out all of those delicious looking pies!

  3. Horray for Pi Day!

    I actually found a blog event about this and posted a pie (tart) myself. There aren’t many others up yet, but you should definitely check them all out later today :)

  4. I didn’t find my crisco until 2 a.m. last night, so my crust making will happen this evening. I’m thinking either cherry or peach pie as I have both fillings in the cabinet.

    And don’t forget the savory pies for dinner — either a quiche or a pizza pie will do quite nicely.

  5. You’re not a geek until you celebrate Pi(e) Approximation Day — July 22 (written 22/7, which is the fractional approximation of Pi), the day when we eat things that approximate pie like turnovers, cobblers, quiches, pastries, etc. :D

  6. Pi(e) day! I made a Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie for my hubby’s birthday (recipe on my blog). But I think I will need to make another one in honor of today. Maybe a pumpkin pie to also celebrate the change of seasons and to use the last of my pumpkin. Thanks for sharing the holiday!

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