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  • First up this week is Simply RecipesMeyer Lemon Marmalade. Not only was I contemplating doing this myself all week, but I was actually just given a freshly packed jar from the Davis, California farmer’s market. Not to knock the farmer’s market version, I’m pretty sure that Elise’s recipe is even better. I’ll still live with what I have at the moment before making a batch myself, though (fridge space is at a premium these days).
  • Culinary in the Country baked some rather unusual Crunchy Sesame Cookies this week. They’re similar to peanut butter cookies in that a nut butter – seed butter, in this case – is the base of the recipe, but golden syrup and cornstarch really lighten things up and give them an addictive, crunchy quality.
  • Bacon might be good as a garnish on its own or crumbled up, but if you’re looking for something a little extra, try making Not Martha‘s Bacon Curls. Uncooked bacon is wrapped around a cylinder of aluminum foil and baked until crisp, then the foil is removed, leaving you with a neat little curlicue.
  • Chocolate and Pierre Herme. Do you really need any other words to sell you on a chocolate cookie recipe? The Chocolate Sables at Food Beam are beautifully simple cookies. The dough is very rich, and so produces a cookie with good flavor that melts in your mouth. It makes a wonderful presentation because it is piped onto a baking sheet. Tres elegante!
  • And finally, because we’ve just had a break in the cold and wet winter weather here in Southern California, I can’t resist taking a little ice cream break. The Green Tea and Ginger Ice Cream at Ice Cream Ireland sounds not only like it is a flavor match made in heaven, but one made for springtime, as well. I’m hoping the weather holds out for at least a few more days, so I don’t have to save this one for later in the year!

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