Sweethearts Cake Pan

Sweethearts Cake Pan

There are two things that jump to mind when someone mentions a filled cake. One is a simple layer cake, sliced in half and filled with jam or buttercream. The other is a molten center cake – always a Valentine’s Day favorite – that is a chocolate cake with a chocolate truffle center, which melts as the cake bakes and leaves you with a rich sauce when you dig in with your fork. King Arthur Flour has a specialty pan online that offers a simpler (and cuter) option for this Valentine’s Day.

The Sweethearts Cake Pan bakes up a half-dozen heart-shaped cakes that each have a small divot on top that can be filled with chocolate, jam, whipped cream or anything else you can think of. The little cakes are adorable, and dead-easy to work with. Plus, since hearts are perfectly acceptable all year round (unlike, say a Christmas tree), you can use these again and again.

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