Foodie Fonts

cookie dough font!

I have quite the font collection on my computer, probably hundreds of them collected from free font download websites and various computer programs that I’ve installed over the years. It’s not that I use all of them, but just like in the kitchen, it’s nice to have options. So, when I saw that YumSugar picked out a list of 10 Fonts That Will Make You Hungry, my interest was definitely piqued. Their list includes a turkey font (each character inside a roast turkey), a bacon font (letters made of bacon) and an adorable cupcake font.

I did a little digging around of my own and came up with a few others to add to the list. First up is my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough font, pictured above. I also like this Frosted Cake font, where each character is a shaped, frosted cake, as well as the full-of-holes Cheese and Mouse font below (perhaps a good one for fans of the movie Ratatoiulle?).

Less useful, but still fun, fonts are the kind where each character is replaced by an image. Wut’s Cookin‘ has classic kitchen implements, while Counterscraps is a collection of graphics favorite foods, as are LP Food, Culinary Art and SugarComa. Each has a slightly different theme and might be useful for dressing up a document (say, a food blog) with a little something extra, visually speaking. Plus, they’re fun to play with when you’re working on an otherwise boring document.

a very cheese-y font


  1. loved these fonts!!! loved your blog as well..:)

  2. Oh, cool. I like the cheese one. Makes me hungry for a good Swiss.

  3. I too am always on the look out for new fonts, thanks for the heads up!!

  4. Ooh – great fonts. I like the full of holes one.

  5. Your mother likes the one full of holes

  6. Wonderful fonts! How fun! Thank you for sharing.

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