Cake Mate flavored sugars

Cake Mate’s flavored sugarsVanilla sugar is one of those wonderful and easy to make ingredients that it is nice to have in the kitchen. Everything can do with a bit of vanilla, after all, whether you are adding a spoonful to a cup of tea, sprinkling the tops of muffins or simply creaming it into butter for a cookie dough. Other easy and useful sugars are spiced sugars, which have cinnamon or other ground spices mixed in. Flavors beyond these basics are uncommon, but there is no reason why they, too, wouldn’t come in handy during baking. This is probably what inspired Cake Mate to create their new Flavored Sugars. The large-crystaled colored sugars come in peppermint and cinnamon. They’re great for topping cakes and cupcake, both because they add color and a splash of flavor, but can also be used in straight baking. For instance, they would make great “rolling” sugars (when the ball of cookie dough is rolled in sugar before baking), because they would add so much more than just a bit of crunch to a cookie. Very convenient and not a bad thing to have on hand to add a little something extra to a sweet treat.


  1. These are cute but I thought the peppermint tasted really artificial.

  2. I saw these on sale in the grocery store right after Christmas and immediately grabbed several of the peppermint flavored ones to try on my Candy Cane cookies next year. After reading Sally’s comment, I’m afraid I may have been a little hasty. Oh, well, maybe I’ll mix this sugar with the crushed-up candy canes for the topping, or just find a completely different use for it. Live and learn!

  3. I was wondering what I should do with the slew of sprinkles I got as a gift. Your tip to use them as rolling sugars is fabulous, thanks!

  4. I purchased Easy Squeeze frosting and the tips that screw onto the tube. Less than halfway through my decotating the bag sprung a leak and the tip failed. And the frosting was not so easy to squeeze. This purchase was a waste of time and money.
    I will return to making and coloring my own and save time and money. I do like your sprinkles. Mary Conway

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