Shortbread Lattes from Starbucks

SBL, shortbread latteLast week, the Starbucks stores in my neighborhood rolled out their holiday drinks – namely the gingerbread (yum!), peppermint mocha and eggnog lattes. I noticed that several stores had special announcements of another drink: a shortbread latte. The drink wasn’t on the regular menu board, but merely written up on the chalkboard with the rest of the specials. My first thought was that it was a concoction that some creative baristas came up with, but as I saw it listed at more and more stores, I realized that it was a new, up-and-coming holiday drink. My barista confirmed my suspicions and was more than happy to make me up a sample.

The drink is made like a typical latte – espresso and steamed milk - but enhanced with a shortbread syrup and topped with whipped cream and shortbread cookie crumbs. I was completely surprised that I liked the drink, given that “shortbread” usually makes me think of butter and the idea of a butter-flavored drink (my initial expectation) was not particularly appealing. The drink actually tastes much better than it sounds, subtle and buttery with a cookie aftertaste. The shortbread crumbs are delicious and a very unusual touch. I’m never one to get whipped cream, but I’m glad I tried the full drink for the shortbread crumb effect.

No idea if – or when – Starbucks will put this drink out into a wider release, but if it’s available in your area and you’re a fan of shortbread (or even just of cookies in general), it’s definitely worth a try!


  1. The roll-out is Thurs here in IN. I understand they will also have a sugar-free gingerbread syrup this year. Hoping I will have a chance to try the shortbread latte!

  2. Oh darn, I was hoping that you could’ve shown what the top of that drink looked like. LOVE shortbread, but am not sure how I’d take to it in a drink.

  3. Sorry I didn’t get the top of the drink! If you want to try and picture it, think of a fluffy cloud of white whipped cream with small white balls of cookie on top. The shortbread and the whipped cream were identical in color (part of the reason it wasn’t a fantastic picture) and looked almost like a tiny – but tasty – snowscape.

  4. this one sounds wonderful…i’m a peppermint mocha gal myself, but i wait all year for the holiday drinks!

  5. Shortbread latte!?!? How have I not seen this!? I live near the original Starbucks after all!

  6. No shortbread lattes here in Maryland. A good friend is a store manager and I asked her about it. She hadn’t even heard of it. But I did find a recipe on line that she is going to experiment with to make it.

  7. Shortbread Lattes? Be still my thunder thighs…sigh…I’m doomed. But thanks anyway for the tip, I’ll start looking for them in my area!

  8. The shortbread latte is a test market item. It’s available in the Fairfield County in CT. Alas, the trade-off is they are not selling any gingerbread latte in stores where they offer shortbread latte. :(

  9. Can anyone give me an exact location in the Southern California area where the shortbread latte is being tested? I am driving from San Diego to Nor Cal on Thursday and would love to stop and try one of these.

  10. It’s available in the Valencia/Santa Clarita Valley area starbucks – at least the one on McBean and Valencia Blvd. Exit I-5 North at Valencia, turn right, go for about a mile, catty corner from Shell station.

  11. The SBL is available in Studio City, CA at the Starbucks on the corner of Ventura Blvd and Vineland.

  12. I do love Shortbread Lattes from Starbucks. It’s a unique kind of drink that everyone would love. So spread the news about this. :-)

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