Artisanal Salt Sampler

artisinal salt setI have a confession to make – (insert pause for deep breath) — I’m an addict.

You’re probably thinking that my addiction might be sugar, flour, chocolate or perhaps baking in general. But, no. If pressed, I would actually say that my addiction is to salt. I like salt on chocolates and in caramels, and have even used it to finish off a batch of oatmeal cookies. This is to say nothing of the fact that a sprinkle is just about always necessary to bring out the flavor in a savory dish.

I happen to know more than a few people who feel the same way about salt as I do, and for those whose personal collection isn’t quite as developed, I think that this Artisinal Salt Sampler would make a great holiday (or anytime) gift. It includes 24 different kinds of salt from around the world, several of which have also been imbued with additional flavorings or spices. To name just a few, you’ll find Bali salt with coconut and lime, Alaea Hawiian salt, gray sea salt, fleur de sel and Chardonnay oak-smoked salt.


  1. Grrr…I’m on a completely salt free diet these days and I hate it. I guess my love of salt over the years has caught up with me and my heart…ciao

  2. oohh…did this come with any Peruvian salt? It is powdery and delicious! I take it with me when I travel.

  3. Great website!! Keep up the good work!!

  4. it’s now on sale 1/2 price for $59 at Sur La Table!

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