Need a scary, foodie Halloween costume idea?

terrifying halloween costumeI’ve been keeping an eye out for interesting Halloween costumes this year, although I already have my costume* all planned out. I like costumes that are on the scary side, which rules out most of the food-related costumes on the market. They tend to be oversized bananas or chili peppers or something along those lines. This isn’t to say that I haven’t seen a few interesting ideas – including this bacon strip costume that I suspect would be a huge hit with Jeffrey Steingarten - but most of the foodie Halloween costumes are uninspiring and certainly don’t head into scary territory.

With one exception.

The Burger King King Costume is terrifying. Sure, it’s heavily branded and cheesy, but the King holds the title of creepiest fast food mascot of all time.  I can’t thing of a single person/thing who I would want to run into less than the King on a dark street, late at night.

 *For anyone who is curious, I’m going to go as a vampire (gee – wonder what could have inspired that).

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  1. Yikes! If a trick-or-treater comes knocking dressed in that, I will shudder. Those commercials are so creepy!

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