Halloween Cookie Stamps

Halloween Cookie Stamps

 These Halloween Cookie Stamps are a change from more common cookie cutters. Instead of rolling out dough and cutting out each desired shape one piece at a time, these can be used to simply stamp your design onto the surface of a piece of dough. The pressure from the stamp will flatten your ball of dough into a perfectly even cookie as you work, eliminating the need to roll out dough in advance. The stamps are made of terracotta, with a natural bottom and color glazed handles. The set includes four presses with a bat, a pumpkin, a cat and a spiderweb.

These will work well with any cookie dough that can hold its shape well, like a shortbread-type dough. Butter cookie dough and the Cuban shortbread cookie dough will both work out pretty well with these presses. A gingerbread or chocolate dough should work just fine, as well, but it will be easier to see the details of the shapes on a light-colored dough. If you leave your cookies plain and give them a brush with an egg wash (1 egg beaten with 1 tbsp water) before baking, you should get a nice shiny finish on your design.

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