Eat Me Crunchy cereal bowl

eat me crunchy bowl

I must be a very fast cereal eater because I don’t have a big problem with my cereal getting soggy and turning into unappetizing mush in my bowl at breakfast. Maybe I just don’t pour that much milk into my cereal to begin with. If I did have a problem with crunchiness, however, the Eat Me Crunchy cereal bowl is one way to solve the sogging issue.

The bowl is designed with  a shelf at the bottom that covers almost 3/4 of the base of the bowl. The shelf holds most of the cereal up and away from the milk, leaving only a small portion to come in contact with it at any time, thus most of the cereal will stay dry while you eat from the part that comes in contact with the milk. Of course, you could achieve the same effect by only pouring a little cereal into your bowl at a time, eating and adding more, but this bowl certainly seems like a way to streamline the issue. And you’ll have a bowl that makes an interesting conversation piece at the table.

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  1. I have to admit that I haven’t put milk in my cereal since I was in kindergarten or so because I *hated* soggy Cheerios. I’ve been eating dry cereal for decades now — no bowl necessary!

  2. My only concern with this is that it would be very difficult to clean under the shelf. Doesn’t seem like the most sanitary way to eat your cereal…

  3. Hi Bri,
    I have an eatmecrunchy bowl, it’s great, my cereal is not longer soggy.
    The shelf comes out out so you can was it easily – so it is a very sanitary way to eat your cereal!

  4. I’ve got one,
    Definatley worth the price!
    I love it!

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