The perfect Cuppa

cuppa mugsPeople have¬†always gotten along just fine by “eyeballing” the amount of cream or milk that they add to their coffee. But why estimate when you can get your cup of coffee or tea just the way you like it every time without guessing? One solution is to emulate a few of the more precise coffee drinkers out there and measure the exact amount of milk that you want in your mug. A better solution – one that allows you to add a few new mugs to your collection – seems to find us in the MyCuppa Mugs. There is one mug for coffee and one for tea, and each is lined with color-coded stripes that guide you into getting the perfect color (milk to coffee/tea ratio) in your cup.

If, like me, you take your coffee black, you might find the mugs handy for when you are pouring a cup of coffee for guests or for your spouse. I know I can’t be the only one who finds the directive to “just a few splashes milk” to be confusing, especially when to some people that means to add a little bit of milk to their coffee, and to others, it means to add a little bit of coffee to their milk.


  1. What a great idea. I am a tea drinker more than a coffee drinker but I can see that working quite well for me.

  2. Too fabulous! I never know how much cream to put in my dear mother’s coffee…and she is very particular about how much there is!

  3. Nice idea! I like to add surprisingly enough cream to my coffee, but sometimes it’s confusing.

  4. This is such a simple yet creative idea plus it really adds a nice quirky design to the mug.

  5. Fabulous. This is such a creative idea. I can see that would work quite well for me.

  6. As a coffee drinker, thank you for this nice ideas.

  7. Waht a great idea! Color coded. Nothhing could be easier than asking your guest to pcik the color that most resembles the way they like their drink. Too Cool!

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  9. Definitely a coffee drinker…this is a good one!

  10. Never come between and old lady and her morning cup of tea, using tealeaves not a bag, and brewed for 8 minutes exactly. No flashy cups for me.

  11. Just a few splashes of milk would mean drops to me, which isn’t enough. You are right, splashes is a terrible unit of measure.

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