Starbucks recipes at home

starbucks recipe cardThis fall, you might notice that Starbucks is doing something a little bit different. They have always offered food-pairing suggestions as a way to push pastry sales alongside drink sales, but the coffee chain is passing out recipes so that you can try your hand at making some coffee shop treats at home to pair with your coffee.

Starbucks is doing this as part of a collaboration with Chef/Author Marcus Sameulsson, who created the recipes in question. His new cookbook, the James Beard Award-winning Discovery of a Continent: Foods, Flavors and Inspirations from Africa, has also been released in a special, Starbucks-only edition that contains five African-inspired barista recipes (designed to be paired with coffee). $1 from the sale of each cookbook will go to UNICEF.

The recipes include Chocolate Cinnamon Bread and Caramelized Apple Pecan Coffee Cake, both of which can be found online, as well as on recipe cards in stores. The Starbucks site also has several free recipes directly from Samuelsson’s cookbook that you can take a look at, including Berbere (an Ethiopian Spice Rub), Mango Couscous, and Chocolate Pancakes.


  1. What perfect timing. I just tried the Chocolate Cinnamon Bread at a Starbucks today, wishing I could buy an entire loaf. And now I discover the recipe’s online! Thanks!

  2. I wonder if this will hurt their sales at all–I know I have a hard time paying $3 for a slice of tea bread, and it’d be all the harder if I know exactly how to make the recipe myself :)

  3. For some reason, I cannot find the bread and cake recipe on the website link you gave. I see some other recipes, but not those two. Are they still there? Thanks!

  4. Just click on “pairing food and coffee,” then on the individual bags for the recipes. It’s not the world’s greatest navigation, I know, but once you get to the recipes, they’ll open in a (printer-friendly) new window.

  5. Got it. Thank you Nicole!!!

  6. Ive been looking for Starbucks Toffee and pecan cookies with no luck. They are my favorites. Could you help me with this recipe? Thanks, Kim

  7. hi, i wonder if you can help im wantin to make a caramel frapuccino. does anybody know? x

  8. Any chance I could get the “Cranberry Bliss” recipe from you? It’s not made with Starbucks coffee, but still, it would be nice to bake a batch myself to enjoy at home with my home-brewed coffee. Thanks. Janet

  9. I hope you have the recipe for the marshmallow bars I have purchased in your stores. I love Starbucks and am a gold card holder. Your quality is unsurpassed!!!!!

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