Rachael Ray Garbage Bowls

ray ray’s garbarge bowlsIf you’ve seen Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals, you know that there are a couple of signature things that she has and does. Extra virgin olive oil is EVOO and spices and such always get “measured” by wide approximation. She also always has a garbage bowl, a bowl into which all of her trash – wrappers, egg shells, veggie peelings, etc – gets dumped to save a few trips to the trash bin while she is cooking. And now these Rachael Ray brand Garbage Bowls are available for purchase on their own (following in the footsteps of the RR brand EVOO). The bowls are made of plastic, but are patterned after common countertop materials, like granite, quartz, marble and brick, in the hopes that they will blend in with the decor of your kitchen to some extent.

Of course, if the gift box that the bowl comes in isn’t that important to you, you can use any old bowl to the same end, but one of these might not be such a bad idea for a gift if you have a big RR fan in your life.


  1. Oops, I meant to put that on the post with the pull apart cake pans. Sorry, now it doesn’t make sense.

  2. Umm, this kind of scares me! With all the other great things out there to buy, why a specified garbage bowl? I use a strainer, personally (since it’s the least likely thing I’ll need—I have a few), and then line it with a disposable grocery bag. Works for me! And, of course, extra money to buy a new book or two. :D

  3. I don’t know if I would ever buy the RR brand of bowl, but it is a good idea. I will usually do that or drag the garbage over to where I am working. You can get a cheap plastic bowl at any discount store, but they don’t look like marble!! I do like KitchenNut’s idea as well!

  4. Nicole, I like that you’ve begun doing reviews of various kitchen things, but the constantly dry and neutral tone seems to remove a lot of the personality that I like so much about reading blogs, and it’s something I miss from Bakingsheet. I realize it’s probably an effort to get more readers and not offend anyone, but I would love the blog even more if there was a little bit more of *you* in it. :) Just my two cents!

  5. I’m with the others… I love the idea of the garbage bowl (and I’ve adopted it in my own kitchen) but I’m not sure I’d buy a special bowl for it (even if it did match my countertop). I also like the idea of lining the bowl with grocery bags. Thanks for sharing that KitchenNut!

  6. I’m with KitchenNut and others. Why buy a bowl for it’s sole purpose to hold trash that you are going to dump it’s contents into the trash.

    Ooh but look how pretty my trash bowl is. Yeah, I don’t think so.

    I’ll save my money and buy some more cookbooks.

  7. Thanks for the info on Rachael Ray’s Garbage Bowl; however, I can’t seem to find it in the stores. I was told Kohl’s carries it, but they don’t seem to have it in the stores near me. And when I go to Kohl’s site, they don’t even list it as an item.

    Please —— where can I buy it?

    Thank you.

  8. I love rachel Ray’s garbage bowl. Its pretty and holds a lot of peels and organic discards. When its full, I take it straight to my compost bin in the backyard.

  9. I love rachel Ray’s garbage bowl. Its pretty and holds a lot of peels and organic discards. When its full, I take it straight to my compost bin in the backyard.

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