Harvest Muffin Pan

harvest muffin panAs much as I want to hang on to summer for a few more weeks, I personally love fall. The look and smell of the season are intoxicating, with colorful leaves decorating the trees and the hint of winter in the air. Thanksgiving and Halloween are some of the top food holidays of the year, and the flavors that come with the season – pumpkin, apples, cranberries, corn, cinnamon and other spices – are just amazing. Baking in fall always seemed like a very satisfying endeavor to me, even if I was just baking a batch of cookies, but adding the the look and flavors of autumn make it extra special.

You’ll have to provide your own fall-flavored muffin batters and bread doughs to work with the Harvest Muffin Pan, but it is easily one of the most fall-oriented pieces of bakeware you could add to your collection. The pan looks almost like a family heirloom, thanks to its elegant and somewhat old-fashioned styling. It is made of cast iron with a nonstick finish and has eight depressions, which are shaped like flowers and vegetables. The pan is the perfect choice for cornbread (or cornmeal-heavy muffins) but will work well with a variety of different recipes.

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