Accent your food – using gold flake chopsticks

gold leaf chopsticks

Edible gold leaf is one of the most elegant ways to top off a dessert, especially one made with dark chocolate where the little golden flecks can really pop out. Since it’s fairly easy to find at craft and specialty food stores, you can keep some on hand so that it is available when you want to take a special dessert (say, for an anniversary or a holiday) to the next level.

I don’t often see edible gold used for foods other than dessert. This could be a color thing, or just because most find that the indulgence of gold happens to complement an indulgent dessert more than it does a steak. But if you want to be able to accent all of your food with a sprinkle of gold, some Japanese designers came up with an easy and convenient way for you to do just that. Kinbashi’s gold flake chopsticks are packaged with a small amount of edible gold in between the halves of a pair of chopsticks. When the sticks are separated over your dish before you eat, the gold flecks will rain down and decorated your dinner.

Not exactly the most practical invention, but kind of a fun one. And since the chopsticks are priced at approx. $40 for 10 (2 five-packs), they’re not prohibitively expensive for use any time you feel like doing something a little bit different with your food.

via popgadget

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