Spruce up your stove

notmartha’s mirrored stoveRaise your (virtual) hand if you often find yourself wishing your kitchen could look as elegant or as fun as the ones on TV. Who wouldn’t love a state-of-the-art kitchen outfitted with shiny stainless steel, or finished with flush wood panels that hide the appliances with the rest of the cabinets? And whether you like Rachael Ray or not, you have to admit that the retro kitchen she uses on her set looks like it would be fun to cook in.

Unfortunately, although they meet our daily cooking/baking needs,  most of us don’t have kitchens that are going to win any design awards. NotMartha – always a good source for crafty inspiration – came up with a great way to add a little flair to an otherwise plain kitchen. She used adhesive picture-hanging strips to mount an array thin, round mirrors above her stove. The display isn’t huge, but it still opens up the kitchen and lets some extra light into the area around the stove (notoriously difficult to light, even with an bulb mounted in/near the hood). It’s an easy setup to try and would look great in so many kitchens, especially if you experiment with different shapes of mirrors – available at local craft stores – to see what will work the best for your room.


  1. So cool, but I can just see how at my house they would constantly be smeared with grease and dirt and just be another thing to clean. :)

  2. Wouldn’t the steam from the pots on the stove fog up the mirrors?

  3. Nice idea, but a nightmare to keep clean – for those that actually cook in their kitchen…

  4. looks so cute…but i read that it is actually terrible fung shui – even dangerous(!). i keep mirrors far away from my stove and out of the kitchen. they are great in dining rooms though!

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