Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bites

pretzel bitesAs much as I love soft pretzels, their crunchy counterparts are difficult to resist – especially when they’re covered in chocolate. The contrast of the salt topping a pretzel and the sweet bitterness of chocolate (or just sweetness, if you’re indulging in a milk chocolate pretzel) is wonderful. It is also now widely utilized by all kinds of chocolatiers, pastry chefs and home bakers looking to take a treat to the next level of flavor by adding some contrast.

But I digress.

This post is about the relatively new Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bites they’re stocking at Trader Joe’s. The chocolate is barely sweet and very dark, but has an excellent flavor that even a milk-chocolate lover could appreciate. In a thin layer, it enrobes small bits of slightly salty pretzel, each of which is a tiny, crispy sphere (in contrast to the far more typical pretzel “chunk”). The whole thing is coated in white nonpareils for an extra crunch. They are incredibly addictive and very tasty.


  1. Try the dark chocolate covered edamame from Trader Joes— soooo good. Not quite as salty as pretzels, but just as crunchy. Delicious and very addictive. Can’t wait to try out these pretzel bites. They look right up my alley.

  2. I loved the dark chocolate on these pretzel bites, but I’m not a fan of the nonpareils. The texture kind of unnecessarily distracts from the yumminess of the chocolate and pretzel combo.

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