Trader Joe’s Espresso Chocolates

espresso chocolatesTrader Joe’s usually has a good selection of both imported and/or store-branded chocolates at any given time. They company keeps a sharp eye out for what sells, and what doesn’t, so the less popular products are regularly taken out of rotation in favor of new items. I always look for the newer foods and, a few weeks ago, I came across Trader Joe’s Espresso Chocolates. With a liquid espresso center in a log of dark chocolate, they sounded like they’d be a perfect treat for a coffee lover (like me!).

Cybele, at CandyBlog, beat me to a full review of these tasty chocolates last week, but they’re so good enough that I wanted to mention them here, as well. The chocolate is smooth and dark, without the bitterness that some darker chocolates have, and provides a good contrast for the sweet and syrupy center – which does manage to taste like a very rich espresso. TJ’s suggests eating them in one bite, but I’d rather eat mine like Cybele: “drink” the center and chase it with chocolate.

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