Say it.. with My M&Ms

custom mmsYesterday, Ryan Donlon and Jennifer Farina from Philadelphia, PA spoke to each other for the first time in 31 days. This wouldn’t be noteworthy event for most couples, but this pair was participating in a contest sponsored by M&M in which they only used the messages printed on My M&Ms for a month. They took a “vow of silence” at the end of June and relied on the customized candies from that point on. As a reward for completing the challenge, M&Ms presented the couple with a $31,000 prize.

Now, real estate on an M&M is limited, and although you can order My M&Ms in a variety of colors with just about any message you can get to fit, it’s not like you can really have full conversations with them. To get an idea of how they made it through, you can check out some clips on the M&Ms website. The most popular messages that this couple used included: “31 days”, “July 26″, “CU 2nite” and “Love You.”


  1. Hi Nicole…thanks for sharing the clips from the silent contest….the whole things had intrigued me when they announced it the first time…the couple looks cute in that clip…really admire them…:)


  2. A couple of years ago, I had messages printed on M&M’s for my youngest grandson’s third birthday. It was a huge hit & would definately do it again.

  3. I actually had some printed up for Blog Party, and mailed them to a few past particpants. They’re just so neat!

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