Roadfood Sandwiches for summer reading

roadfood sandwichesIf you like to pile into the car with your family/friends/neighbors/etc. for the occasional long distance road trip in the summer, you will be missing out if you aren’t already familiar with the concept of Roadfood. The term describes the exceptional, unique local eats found along the highways of America, as opposed to the ubiquitous fast food joints littering the countryside.

Jane and Michael Stern are roadfood experts, with the books Roadfood and Two for the Road to their credit, in addition to the useful Roadfood website. The books are full of stories, recipes and inspiration to get in your car and search for your own roadfood finds. I took Two for the Road along last summer, but this summer the Sterns have added Roadfood Sandwiches to their lineup. The book has all the color of its predecessors – stories, histories, recipes and how-tos – with a focus (obviously) on sandwiches, perhaps the easiest type of food to eat and carry on any road trip.

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  1. I love the Sterns and didn’t know about this book — thanks — it looks great and I’m putting it on my library list!

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