Portable Lap Counter

lap counterAdmit it: at one time or another you have carried a tray or a bowl away from the kitchen and over to the couch so that you could watch TV while you prepped and peeled veggies, whipped egg whites or kneaded bread dough. There’s nothing wrong with that. It can be tough on the back when you’re standing up, leaning over a counter for hours on end and prep work can be a bit dull, no matter how much you enjoy working in the kitchen.

A portable lap counter, designed by Tomas Kral will make this kind of on-the-couch prep work much easier. It fits on your lap with a base that sits between your legs for stability. It has several depressions for waste (peelings, etc), but leaves plenty of room to work.



  1. I would love to purchase a portable lap counter. Where can I find them? What a great way to prepare vegetables.

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