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Baking tattoos

Posted By Nicole On June 15, 2007 @ 10:03 am In Foodies and Chefs | 14 Comments

cupcake tattooChef tattoos¬†are nothing new and we see them from time to time in various artand news sources, but you don’t hear all that much about bakers’ tattoos. Perhaps this is because a cupcake is far less dramatic than a large knife? Some might say it is because large knives appeal to more people with tattoos than cupcakes, but I think we’ve all seen plenty of customers sporting tattoos in specialty bake shops indulging in a little buttercream. The particular tattoo pictured is sported by Bake and Destroy‘s husband and it almost looks good enough to eat – provided you don’t think to long about the fact that it’s on a man’s thigh, of course.

I can’t say that I have any tattoos, but the idea of a well-designed baked good does have appeal. What would you get if you were going to get a baking-related tattoo – or better yet, do you already have one?

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