The hazard of eating off others’ plates

At one time or another, just about every one of us has eaten a bite of food off of someone else’s plate. Usually, it is the plate of someone we know and the action is preceded by an invitation, such as “Do you want a bite?“, “You have to try this. It’s amazing!” or “You have to try this. It is just awful!” (Funny how people always ask you to taste the unpleasant things, isn’t it?”). It’s nice to be able to try more than one dish when you’re out at a restaurant and most people find that there is nothing wrong sharing a taste now and again.

That said, not all people share this feeling, so it is crucial to ask in advance, even if invited. A woman in Naperville, Illinois actually stabbed her ex-husband┬áin the arm after he persisted in eating off of her plate during dinner. The wound was inflicted with a steak knife and wasn’t overly serious, but the woman is now facing charges. Talk about overreacting! To make matters even stranger, they were eating dinner at the woman’s home, so one would think that she might have considered simply moving her plate out of reach before resorting to stabbing….

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