Freshy Baked USB Drives


It seems as though it is becoming a trend to have USB drives that don’t look like plain old memory sticks. From wooden sticks to (slightly disturbing) Barbie, the drives come in all shapes and sizes. Food items seem to be some of the most popular, with sushiyakisobaand other asian favs, such as takoyaki, being high on the list. I haven’t seen the appeal of plugging fake food items into my computer as of yet, but the line of Freshly Baked USB drivesare far more appealing than most. Free from raw fish lookalikes, the line includes miniature baguettes, raisin challah, pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers and sandwiches, each of which looks almost good enough to eat.


  1. OMG – I absolutely LOVE the Barbie USB drive! It’s more than a touch demented!

  2. LOL Those USB ports are too much. Can you imagine someone’s reaction? “Hey, why do you have sushi in your purse?” Knowing my one friend is obsessed with sushi, she’ll probably try to eat it. Thanks for sharing :)

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