Hot ketchup soup…

When times are lean, we might have to eat some things simply because they’re inexpensive. Massive amounts of ramen, for example. But, if you are the kind of person for whom hot ketchup soup¬†- by which I mean a cup of hot water with ketchup stirred into it – is a regular part of your diet because you are just a very¬†cheap person, at least have the decency not to walk into Food Whore‘s Restaurant and order the components for it to “scam” a free meal and the right (or perceived right) to then hang around the restaurant and work on your laptop.


  1. Ewww, and ick. Both at the thought of tasting ketchup diluted in hot water and at the audacity of someone to think that ordering hot water and ketchup constitutes “paying” for the privelege of using services in a restaurant. People amaze me.

    But, love the new look of the site, very cool.

  2. Much like the episode of “That Girl” where Ann, the struggling actress, goes into an Automat and buys a cup of hot water and crackers, then adds ketchup to the water. I was fascinated by the Automat and actually thought it was quite clever of her!

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