A few days off

Hi everyone. I’m taking a couple of days off, so I’ll leave you with this picture to hold you over until I get back. I’ll update with the recipe soon. Promise.


  1. Okay, I’ll guess what that’s a photo of. Is that a Boston Cream Pie? (which is actually a cake).

  2. whatever it is, it looks good. can’t wait til you get back and share the goods!

  3. Nic I hope you’re going somewhere fun!!

  4. That’s cruel! Really cruel!

  5. mmm…i can’t wait to find out what kind of icing that is!

  6. that looks good…i thought of yoghurt when i saw the icing

  7. I’m just betting there is buttermilk in either the cake or the frosting receipe ( perhaps in both).
    In fact I think I’m going to venture a guess that it’s a pralines frosting.

    (and am I seeing apples in the frosting?)I’m pretty certain I recognize pecans.
    Perhaps a caramel apple cake.
    Apple spice cake, with praline apple frosting.
    Then again those could be walnuts. Walnut apple cake.
    Ack. I can’t wait to find out.

  8. Enjoy your time off Nic – hope you’re doing something fun!

    I think that looks a little like a German chocolate cake…

  9. I’m with Cathy, I say German Chocolate cake.

  10. What a glorious tease — just how is one supposed to wait patiently for the recipe??!? The cake looks luscious; I’m guessing something with a Fall focus, perhaps a spiced squash version or old-fashioned applesauce. I can’t wait to find out.

  11. Could it be America’s Test Kitchen German Chocolate Cake? Looks delicious whatever it is!

  12. I think it is a spice cake with pecanfrosting

  13. Aaarrrgh, you wicked you! I mean, look at that! Could it be more porn?

  14. hi nic, this looks amazing…i’m gripped in suspense, to say the least…whatever lovely thing it may be, i can’t wait to hear more about it…

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