Does my blog look good in this?

I have the honor of hosting this month’s Does My Blog Look Good in This? event. If you’re not familiar with it, a quick read through the rules should clarify everything.
The event is a competition of food photography. Anyone who wishes to participate should:

  • Select their best original food/drink photo from the month of May.
  • E-mail me with a link to the blog entry containing the image.
  • The deadline is June 24th, at which point the entries will be closed and judging (a panel of highly qualified persons) will begin. The winner will be announced before then end of the month.

In your e-mail, please include your name, location, blog name and the type of camera you used. If it is not obvious as to what your photo is of, please describe the food item in question. There is only one entry per person.

Photos will be judged on originality, eatability and aesthetics.

Good luck everyone!

Update: The gallery of entries can be viewed here and it will be updated until the contest deadline.

Further Update (6/25): The entries are now closed. The list of winners will be released shortly.


  1. I don’t give a hoot about the “picture-stuff” I want the recipe…the pic is so good I’m salivating.

  2. Hey Sue,

    That’s funny, I don’t want any recipes. I would like a large helping of what’s in the picture!


  3. Sadly all of my photos are really bad, but I am interested in seeing everyone else’s pictures.

  4. Nic, if you e-mail me the roundup once it’s done, I’ll add it to Sticky Date’s sidebar. In the meantime, off to search for my pic.

  5. I’m in for the picture as well as the “helpings” :-P I’m looking forward to getting a new digital camera and joining the club of food-porn on the web!

  6. Hi Nic.. I’m new to this and although I don’t want to participate as I can’t take a decent picture to save my life with my crap cam, I would like to vote. Is voting open to everyone after the pictures have been submitted or are there a set group of judges? Thanks!

  7. Hi everyone. The things in the picture are “brioche sucre,” or brioche with sugar on top. No recipe, though, sorry! You can check my archives for the brioche, though.

    Lis – Voting is limited to a set panel of judges. I’ll put up a link to a gallery so everyone can view the entries soon, though.

  8. Hi Nic,

    I just sent along my entry, but I have a question. Just incase my photography skills have a sudden turn for the better…How does one find out who is hosting in the future?

    Can’t wait to see who takes the prize!


  9. Future hosts for DMBLGIT (as well as plenty of other food blog events) can be seen on

  10. Nothing throws off my concentration like a great lic of some food. Wow what someone can do with a photo is amazing.

  11. I agree with Sue, to heck with the picture I want the recipe.

  12. Although I’d love to try the recipe I’d really love to know where the bakery is that makes these treasures.

  13. hi Nicole…I sent along my entry a fwe days ago, but don’t see it in the gallery yet. Just want to make sure you received it!


  14. Hi Nic,

    I sent my entry to you on June 15th but it isn’t showing up in your gallery. Was it excluded for some reason?

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