Cheater’s Frozen Yogurt

This is much less of a recipe than it is an idea. It is, however, an idea that I use all the time. It’s the perfect thing when I want a really quick and easy snack or a light dessert. It is particularly practical during the summer, since it is so simple and much lighter than any ice cream.

What am I taking about? It’s a dish that I’ve dubbed Cheater’s Frozen Yogurt.

All it is is frozen berries mixed with some plain yogurt and a bit of sugar sprinkled on top. The berries freeze the yogurt when the two come into contact! The trick to getting this just right is in the proportions. Now, I don’t measure this and I don’t really recommend expending the extra effort to do so. Use 2 parts of frozen berries and 1 part yogurt. Put the yogurt into a bowl with a pinch or two of sugar two sweeten it, then add the berries and stir to combine. After about 30 seconds or so, the yogurt will be slightly frozen and you can enjoy it!

Blueberries are the best for this because of their small size, making them very easy to stir into the yogurt. If you use other fruit, you may want to consider chopping it up a bit first.


  1. Hey Nic – I do something very similar and have it as an post-workout snack! Tasty stuff!

  2. I do this regularly — it’s also scarily good with, um, dare I say, sour cream???

  3. I serve this as a dessert after a rich meal:

    1 cup low-fat or non-fat raspberry yogurt
    1 10 oz package frozwn raspberries
    3-5 packages Equal

    Immediately before serving, whirl yogurt and Equal in a food processor, and slowly add the berries thru the tube. Process lightly, until berries and yogurt are nicely pureed, but still frozen. Serve immediately.

    Serves 4 just fine.

    I also have done this with orange yogurt and frozen cranberries, a strawberry-strawberry version, and a peach melba version (swirling the two flavors together).

  4. Hi Nic – what a great idea! I’m working my way through the last of my frozen blueberries (gotta get ready for the new crop!) and this sounds like just the thing.

  5. Oh yum. Super idea. And the other suggestions here sound delish, too. That reminds me–I need to go make some yogurt! : )

  6. Just sign me up for anything with yogurt and fruit! I’m easy to please, aren’t I? =)

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