Espresso machine in action

I got a new toy for my kitchen last week, a Francis!Francis! X3 espresso machine. Want to read about it? Check out my post on Slashfood!


  1. Congrats Nic! Between your cooking and your new espresso machine, you’ll never need to go out for Sunday brunch again!

  2. What a gorgeous machine, and I totally envy you. Sounds like an espresso martini would be the perfect way to celebrate!

  3. I SWEAR by my espresso machine. I’m too picky to pay $4 for something I can make just right for less than $1. We make cappucinos most of the time, but espresso shakes (espresso, vanilla ice cream, chocolate and caramel syrup, blended) are delicious as well as a a cooled shot of espresso poured over ice cream.


  4. ooooh, congratulations!!! i’m soooo jealous…i have an ordinary little electric machine, *which i hate*, but i *love* my little stovetop espresso pot…but i *would simply die* if i ended up with one of the high end machines like yours….good for you!!! i’m very happy for you!

  5. Congratulations, Nic! Coffee machines scare me. I’m happy to just order one and let someone else do the tamping and steaming.

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