Stuff on My Cat

Just in time for Weekend Cat Blogging, hosted by Eat Stuff, you can see the hazards of leaving the newspaper unattended at my table.
Phoebe loves to get under things, but not as much as some of the cats at Stuff on my Cat. Too cute!


  1. A well read kitty =^..^=

  2. Kiri would have chewed that to pulp and back! She is so sweet Nic!!!!

  3. Too funny! My WCB post also involved a cat under the newspaper.

  4. Jill – Gets it from me. ;)

    Clare – She used to have a thing for eating the paper. Since she doesn’t anymore, I think she just likes to be near it.

    Alice – They must think alike!

  5. Nic, my cat loves hiding under papers too. Has she got white socks on? Looks so adorable.

  6. It’s really funny cat

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