Red Passionfruit

I do enjoy passionfruit. Purple fruit, yellow seeds. It makes gorgeous, not to mention tasty, sauces.
Of course, I have never seen red passionfruit before. These are growing on a vine outside my house. They seem to have more seeds and less juice than the passionfruit I have encountered before. The taste is sweet, but strongly flowery. The floweriness actually complimented the coconut yogurt panna cotta I tried to make the other day (not amazing, but pretty).
Has anyone seen these before?


  1. The Missus Complains

    I’ve seen these before, they are yummy!!

  2. Never see these before. In fact when I looked at the picture before reading the entry, I thought it was a dinner roll with jelly! :)

  3. I’ve never seen an actual passion fruit before!

  4. I’ve never seen this before. They’re like inside out since it’s red inside and yellow on the outside…

  5. Lucky you! I’ve never used one before but they look amazing!

  6. Gosh, this is so mysterious! I am suprised that only one person seems to have seen them. Other people must have them growing in their yards and just haven’t picked the fruit yet.

  7. How strange. They look almost like a pomegranate in colour. This page describes passiflora caerulea, which sounds almost right. If you scroll down, they describe the fruit.

  8. I love passionfruit, but I’ve never seen this kind before! I’ll have to keep an eye out now…

  9. fromspbwhislove4

  10. Yes. I live in central Chile, and these are growing like crazy in my backyard. I could not find about them anywhere and had been wondering if they were edible. Thank you for your post; you answered my question! The picture is exactly of what we have. Now I can quit worrying that the cat will be poisoned from fanatically eating the fallen ones from off the ground. BTW–Your coconut pana cotta looks good.

  11. I have them growing in my back garden

  12. I’ve just found some and looked on the internet for information. Not a lot out there! They are stunning.
    Hoping to see what I can make with them (passionfruit and elderflower veggie jelly methinks!) but also see if I can get some to grow. I know it’s a mystery what I’ll get but worth a try! Free seeds!

  13. Oh and PS. I’m from the UK, here in the South they seem to do reasonably well, just not that juicy!

  14. I have these growing in my garden in the UK – lots of red seeds but no juice so was wondering if they were edible too! Struggled to find a picture of them so was a little concerned. Will try them now!

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