Grilled Corn on the Cob

As much as I have always loved fresh, locally grown sweet corn, I never loved it as much as I do now. What changed? I started grilling it. The sugars of the corn intensify the flavor and it takes less time than boiling!

I think I first saw this on Good Eats, but I’m not entirely sure. It has been a smash hit, not only with me, but with everyone I’ve served it to. Simply shuck the corn until it is down to 2 or 3 layers of husk. Pull off some of the silk, but the rest will come off easily after cooking. Place corn on a hot grill and cook, rotating every few minutes, until the husk is dark or mostly blackened. Over high heat, this should take about 10-12 minutes.
Strip off the blackened husk and serve. The corn also makes great leftovers, so cook extra.


  1. I love grilled corn! It’s the perfect time of the year too!

  2. Grilled corn is yum. However microwave corn is even faster (and it is so juicy too!). Shuck and wrap individually in tight clingfilm, then nuke for about 3 minutes on high. Instant satisfaction!

  3. “The corn also makes great leftovers, so cook extra”: Great tip! I don’t grill much, since I’d just be grilling for two, but this is a great incentive.
    – Monica

  4. Steven Raichlen, in his book How To Grill, has a great recipe for grilled corn. He suggests removing the husks and silk and rubbing the corn with herbed butter. You grill it directly and it tastes so smokey, sweet and wonderful!

  5. Joe – I definately agree!

    Augustus Gloop – That’s a great tip, especially if I just want one ear with lunch. Thanks!

    Monica – I’m glad I could inspire you to get out to the grill.

    Brady – Thanks for the tip. I often make herbed butter and rub it on afterwards. Grilling in that extra flavor seems like a great idea.

  6. Looks just sensational! And let me guess: I’m thinking someone has been to Tapia, no?

  7. Rainey – I’m a regular there. =)Besides their corn, I’m enamored of their pluots at the moment.

  8. My husband loves grilled corn too. As well as eating it as is, we also use the kernels in soup and corn fritters.

  9. “I’m a regular there.”

    Lovely people! And, of course, it’s soooo important to protect resources like it!

    I used to have a sensational farm stand closer to me in Woodland HIlls. They grew and sold half a dozen varieties of heirloom tomatoes each year along with the corn and squashes, etc. It’s been gone for a couple years and continues to be a great loss. Fortunately, Tapia is still going strong!

  10. What a great idea. It looks delicious.

  11. I love corn done this way.It is so good with any type of grilled meat.
    Emily aka biscuits and blues

  12. Oh, Nic I’m so jealous! I love grilled corn and usually make it in a very similar fashion each summer but have not had the opportunity to do so yet. And I just got rid of my BBQ because we no longer have a balcony to put it on. :( I’ll just have to live vicariously through your fantastic looking corn!

  13. that looks yummy :)

  14. Sara – A agree with you – and that is another good reason to make extra!

    Jennifer – I wonder if the corn would work under the broiler. I guess you’d have to keep an eye on the husks, but I think it might work, too….

  15. try covering with mayo and chili powder and eat pipping hot!!!

  16. Sounds great, but I must tell you that if you think that grilling for 12 minutes takes less time than boiling, then you are boiling too long! I boil mine for 3 mintues — keeps it crisp and tender.
    My dog loves corn on the cob, too.

  17. To boil, I bring the whole pot of water to a boil first. With my deep saucepans, it takes longer from start to finish for boiling than for grilling.

  18. Never feed corn to a dog. It is not good for there digestive system. Leave the grill corn to the humans to eat. And let the dogs watch you enjoy eating it.

  19. this is delicious! i usually grill corn directly over the stove top (with all the husks and silk removed), and then dip half a lemon in salt-chilly powder mixture and rub it all over the grilled hot corn! dollops of butter is good too!

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