Spring Side Salad

This salad was on the cover of this month’s Fine Cooking magazine. Though I didn’t purchase the magazine, I definately took note of the great colors in the salad. How could I resist making something so beautiful?
Blanched grean beans, fresh sweet corn (or frozen), sliced red onions and halved plum tomatoes, dressed with a drizzle of vinagrette and a good sprinkle of salt and pepper. It’s the perfect side to anything that comes off your grill this summer.


  1. It certainly looks beautiful Nic.

  2. Thanks, Ana. Easy, tasty and gorgeous are three of my favorite qualities in a dish. Not necessarily in that order. =)

  3. Steven C. Karoly

    This is whare a quality bottled dressing comes in handy. I like a grilled bread salad that I make from a Fine Cooking issue last year (or was it the year before!). When you’re camping, a dressing like Bernsteins goes a long way.

    Good site,


  4. I agree, Steve. Having something good in the fridge always comes in handy when summer is upon us and people want to have nice, cool salads as a side to a hot, grilled steak.

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