Pic of Rice to the Rescue Contest entry

Yesterday was the deadline for the USA Rice Federation‘s Rice to the Rescue Contest. I read about this in my local paper a few weeks ago. It essentially involves creating a recipe with 6 or fewer ingredients, one of which is to be either one cup of uncooked rice or three cups of cooked rice, that takes no more than 30 minutes to cook/assemble.
I made something I called “Almond Rice Pudding Babycakes”, which are essentially rice puddings baked in muffin tins. Cute, eh? Winners will be chosen by June 15th. Wish me luck.


  1. good luck!

  2. Good luck to you Nic. Those babycakes look so good! Rice pudding is one of my very favourites. Will you post the recipe here after the contest?

  3. Cute—look like winners to me! Recipe, please??

  4. Thanks Jill, Ana and Nzyme!
    I’m planning on posting the recipe after they release the results of the contest. Don’t want to break any rules that I don’t know about yet!

  5. Looks great, expecially with the crusty edges. Good luck!

  6. Fantastic idea!
    Good luck with it!

  7. Sheet fire woman, BakingSheet ain’t the right name here. Should be Baking Ninja. Very nice.


  8. Thanks everyone!
    Dr Biggles – I already have a japanese style chef’s knife, but I think I’ll need a katana and a mask before I can be a real ninja. =)

  9. Hmmm, actually the Japanese cooking knife and a stealthy looking mask would probably do very well. Oh, and don’t forget to walk like a ninja, that’s really important.


  10. They look great! I’d make them. Good luck. :)


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